Water Refilling Station
Start your own water refilling station business in the Philippines.

Financial Performance

Despite the fact that the investment value is certainly much lower than the hamburgers in the franchise chain, getting water refilling stations still requires a certain amount of capital. If you are determined to win big, you must be willing to issue a relatively large amount, at least initially. After all, promoting this activity remains a gamble, as business opportunities.

Water supply stations can cost as little as P100,000 and P700,000 up. This usually consists of machines and equipment for loading water. The amount you spend on water tank packages covers the costs of obtaining licenses and permits, operating costs and construction grounds, which requires the construction industry, not less than 20 sq meters in area .

Franchise water station is much more expensive when they finally incorporate royalty costs, as well as franchise fees. These fees are usually high because today's business is very popular. Less likely to spend a total of P300,000. This is likely to cover all start-up costs of a business, the potential for development is an issue you can rely on.

If you have less than this amount, do not worry. Nowadays, you can find a reliable organization that can provide their packages with variable payment plans. So try to have at least P100,000 ready for this business and leave all others to prayer and hard work.